Marina Lalli

Marina Lalli graduated from Law School at LUISS University in Rome in 1992 where she also attended a Master’s in Small Business Administration. Later on she attended a Master’s in Hotel Management from Bocconi University in Milan.

She spent 6 years in Washington, D.C. where she had the opportunity to witness a different way of life and of conducting business, and then 3 years in Basel, Switzerland.

Back in Italy, she worked in construction as part of the family business and after that she concentrated her attention towards tourism-related business by renewing the Terme di Margherita di Savoia, its hotel and beach club, using the latest technology to supervise productivity and revenue. She also added a wellness section to the already successful healthcare part of the Terme, allowing the business to enter the Wellness Industry.

Marina Lalli today has several roles in the Italian association of entrepreneurs -Confindustria- both nationally, being President of Federturismo and Vice President of Federterme, and locally where she is Vicepresident of the Bari association in Apulia.