Csilla Mezősi

New normal and new challenges. The recent development of the Corona pandemic has also forced the
health tourism providers for changes. They have adjusted their strategy and the European medical spas and
climate health resorts will offer new Corona recovery concepts. The European Spas Association is confident
that these efforts will benefit many patients affected by Covid19. Some of ESPA members were the first one
to offer Corona Recovery Concepts. These show good results to reduce the side effects of the corona virus
infection. The corona virus gives top priority to balneology, as SPA medicine offers the natural possibility to
reduce the main serious infections in our immune system and is traditionally the promoter of a healthy
human immune system.
This was also one of the topics at ITB Now, the world's leading tourism trade fair during the Medical
Tourism Convention. We would like to share insights from the European Spas Association about the
adapted strategy in European medical spas and climatic health resorts with the initiatives of corona
recovery concepts. Our key words are post-corona rehabilitation, lifestyle changes, prevention and
balancing of the immune system, healthy lifestyle in Europe health resorts and spas.

Csilla Mezősi, Secretary-General of European Spas Association (ESPA), Belgium
Since 2000 she has been involved in the activities of ESPA, by 2002 she became a member of the Board and
from 2018 she is the Secretary General.
During her career Csilla Mezősi has been involved in strategic project management on behalf of urban and
national government administrations to develop projects in the Health Tourism sector. She worked more
than 15 years in the German tourism industry and 4 years in the Swiss tourism industry focusing on tourism
Ms. Mezősi has a broad experience ranging from B2B and B2C sales activities to international PR, event
organization, management consultancy, Spa development, cross marketing companies and medical tourism
promotion. She also developed contacts between providers and health insurances. As Secretary General,
she is active in the EU Tourism Manifesto Group and opens up many activities and cooperation on the
overseas market.